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Cutting the (Cable) cord

So I think I mentioned a while ago that I refinanced my MBA student loans using DRB and got a fantastic rate of 5.25% for 10 years. DRB also honored my 6 month grace period, which was fantastic. Well, that lovely grace period is about to come to an end and come July, we will be focusing a good bit of our attention and resources on paying down the close to $95,000+ of debt I accumulated over the last 2.5 years. Up until now, we’ve focused our resources on eliminating my car loan and my husband’s undergraduate student loans (which we’ve been able to do successfully). However, since we are trying to pay off my student loans in approximately 3 years, ¬†the average monthly payment that we’ll need to make is around $1700.¬†Given this, the hubs and I have been reviewing our budget to see how we could lower our expenses to help free up more funds to throw at this ugly beast of a loan. As you know, we already changed cell phone plans and saved ourselves about $45/month! With our 2 year cable contract coming to an end, we thought it was time to take a hard look at how we could lower this. Read more…


May Summary

Wow – I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted last! Sorry for the hiatus – May has been a busy month for us! Between mother’s day, my MBA graduation and my brother’s wedding there really hasn’t been time for too much writing. June is a new month though, so without further ado, here is our financial summary for May: Read more…

April Summary

Ugghh…I feel like these past few months, writing these summaries has been such a drag! It always stinks when things don’t go the way you planned, but alas, this blog is to keep us accountable, so here we go! Read more…

Talking to Kids About Money

So our kiddos is turning 3 in a couple weeks (EEK!) and the hubby and I are starting to think about how we teach him about money. It is super important to both of us that our children have a solid foundation in personal finance. Not only do we want them to understand the value of money, but we also want them to understand how to handle/manage it. We don’t want them to be obsessed by it or stressed out about the family finances, but we do want them to understand that there are trade-offs and that sometimes, difficult decisions need to be made about how resources are allocated. Read more…

I just saved 30% on my cell phone plan!

This morning, I opened up my email and saw the monthly notification from AT&T that our wireless bill was ready to view. Our bill is pretty stable, but I still log in every month just to make sure nothing changed and we aren’t getting phantom charges out of the blue. When I logged in today, I got a very pleasant surprise! Read more…

March Summary

As you can see, I’m catching up on my posting today and even though I was super late with February’s posting, I’m kinda on time for March. If you read my earlier blog post, you know that March was a crappy month. But, in an attempt to maintain transparency, here are the numbers: Read more…

February Summary

I know I am soooo behind on posting and I don’t really have an excuse. The February and March have been super sucky from a money perspective and I guess I was hoping that by avoiding posting, I’d be avoiding holding myself accountable. Rather than continuing to dig a bigger hole, I figure it’s best to ‘fess up and move on, so without further ado, here is are our numbers: Read more…

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