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To Costco or Not to Costco

September 3, 2013

After a 3 day hiatus, I’m back! Hubby and I had a very enjoyable (and mostly free!) long weekend with the family:) My awesome mother-in-law came to visit for some quality time with the kiddo and boy did she get it! We walked to the farmers market, took a trip to Target, spent time with cousins, hung out at the pool, went to the playground and went to Costco! I think the highlight of the weekend for me was hanging out with cousins and seeing the kiddo interact with them:) It was also pretty amazing to play with the little one at the pool – he LOVES the water (especially cold water) and loved running and splashing his way around. For the kiddo, I think a final highlight was taking Gram to the playground and pretending to have a hot dog stand, then coming back home and doing puzzles. It really goes to show that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun, especially when it comes to kids. We’ve found that our son has way more fun running around outside or playing with the hose than he does at an expensive amusement park:)

One of the highlights for me this weekend, was going to Costco with the kiddo and my mother-in-law. I love going to Costco! There are so many cool things there and I feel like it’s a game to find the best deals. I’ve decided long ago that Costco can be a double edged sword when you’re trying to save money. On the one hand, they have amazing deals on a lot of staples, but on the other, it is really easy to get distracted and pick up a bunch of crap you don’t need. To combat this, I started limiting Costco trips to once every 2-3 months, and ALWAYS take a list. I also comparison shop at our grocery stores, because sometimes, the deals there are just as good, if not better (like our protein bars – it’s 11.99 for 24 at Costco but on sale this week at Safeway, they were only 1.99/box of 5). We ended up doing pretty well on our trip this month – we were in and out of the store in 45 minutes. We ended up spending about $70 on the kiddo for our half-yearly supply of wipes (900!), pull ups, and two sets of spare clothes that he’ll need for fall at school, as well as about $120 on staples for our house that should last us for about 2-3 months. All-in-all, I think Costco is awesome, if you go in with a plan and don’t cave to impulse purchases in store.

Between Costco, Target, and our grocery store trips we ended up spending $300 out of our $500 monthly grocery budget. I’m not that concerned about it because this week included a lot of staples/stock up items that we had been running out of. Plus, my mother-in-law brought us the most amazing stash of fresh veggies from her garden! We have tons of meat/seafood in the freezer stocked up as well now, so realistically our grocery spending for the remainder of the month should be close to the budget.


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  1. I really enjoyed your blog post.

    Marla and I, in all reality it has been solely Marla, have been planning our meals using a combination of Google calendar and a meal planning website that lists all of our needed ingredients and what ingredients over lap so we purchase the right portions.

    Since moving back to the States it has been tough trying to get back into the groove of grocery buying and budgeting because it is so different in Korea.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it Mason! We do a lot of meal planning too – usually we go through the circulars, figure out what is on sale, then plan according to that. And, we usually have at least one night for leftovers which definitely seems to help:) It’s definitely tricky budgeting for groceries in this area, especially if you are trying to eat healthy, but you can do it! We’ve been doing it since our little one was born and now it’s a lot easier and much more ingrained:)

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