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Weekend Getaway; Budget Results

October 20, 2013

Happy Sunday Everyone!! We’re back from our whirlwind weekend in Dallas. We had an amazing time sleeping in, hanging out and catching up with friends!  Highlights included an amazing engagement ceremony/party complete with dancing time with the hubby, brunch, and a mani/pedi with one of my besties! In terms of spending, our budget for the whole trip, including car rental and other incidentals was $300. Here’s how we did:

Net Rental Car: $47.  We had pre-booked a car with Advantage, but they ran out of cars, so we had to get a rental from Alamo ($58.71). Advantage will reimburse the difference between the price we actually paid and the rate we booked with them. As a result, we end up with a net spend of $47 which is the price we would have paid for the car with Advantage

Rental Car Insurance: $27. We prepaid this at the time of booking our car online.

Friday Airport: $21. We had planned to pend $15, but I had a really crappy day and so did the hubs so we decided to spring for drinks at the Airport, putting us $6 over our estimate.

Friday Drinks in Dallas: $36.  We had budgeted $35 for this, so I’m going to call this a win:)

Brunch: $9.43. This was a huge surprise savings! My friend’s parents treated everyone to brunch on Saturday, which was so nice.  Alcohol was on our own, so this cost was for a frozen margarita/sangria mix:)

Target$17.57. We didn’t budget for this, but we needed to get water for the weekend, and I also left my eye shadow brush at home in my rush to pack toiletries on Friday. We also bought a bottle of champagne to share with the girls while we got ready.

Net Uber$5. We took a free shuttle to the engagement ceremony so the hubby and I could enjoy a rare time when we both could drink and didn’t have to worry about driving home. Since the shuttle stopped running at 10 and were out until 1:45, we called an Uber. However, my friend got us a $10 off coupon and we split the ride with 5 other people, making the net cost for both of us $5.

Water at Hotel: $4. We bought two bottles of water the first night we were at the hotel. Since we saw how expensive it was, it promoted our visit to Target on Saturday.

Water at Airport: $4.50. We partied hard on Saturday night and were in need of hydration. 

Coffee at Airport: $6.01. I got a fancy drink that I haven’t had in over a month, but I got the smallest one instead of the medium and hubby got a small coffee.

Brunch/lunch at Airport: $11.85. We had protein bars in the a.m., but needed something more substantial to deal with the effects of our partying.

Gas: $6.50. Our rental car came with a full tank of gas and we had to top it off before we returned it. We filled it up by our hotel and it only needed 2 gallons of gas! WIN!

Mani/Pedi: $50. Had an amazing time with one of my best friends and had one of the best pedicures ever. it was amazing and so so so worth it.

Misc. $40. I took out $40 in cash before we left DC for whatever random stuff we might need (tips, random snacks, etc). I put this in our general Misc. category b/c we didn’t spend it all and i didn’t feel like tracking the cash spending (b/c i never ever carry cash, so it’s pretty rare to just have it floating around).

So, for the entire weekend, we spent a grand total of: $245.86 (not including the misc. money)! Super excited that we got to do all the things we wanted to do and still ended up on budget. Neither one of us felt deprived and actually felt like we were being rather extravagant. I think that is the best thing about having a budget for a travel or fun category. You know that there are going to be times where you just want or need to let loose. this goes to show that as long as you save and plan for it, you can totally work it into your life in such a way that you don’t derail yourself from the path toward debt and financial freedom!

I’m going to be MIA for the next couple days – I have a 10 page paper and two finals to turn in between now and Tuesday at 9:30 PM, but I’ll check in on Wednesday with my musings. Stay tuned:)



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