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It’s looking like a good month!

October 28, 2013

Happy Monday everyone!

I am super super excited for all the awesomeness we encountered this weekend and how little it cost us! Since my last post, I managed to finish up three finals and enjoy happy hour with one of my best friends to celebrate. On Friday, my in-laws came into town (I love my in-laws so this is a good thing:) and we planned a fun-filled fall weekend for their visit. Saturday, we started out with some baking. The kiddo LOVES to bake and we had a ton of bananas that were basically black, dying to get used. So we made up two batches of banana bread – one for the hubby that is ridiculously unhealthy, and one for me and the kiddo that his high protein, low fat and low sugar with lots of fiber:) The kiddo enjoyed some quality outdoor time with Gram while his daddy and Grandpa trimmed the cherry tree in our front yard, saving us hundreds of dollars.  We rounded up the afternoon baking some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and heading up to Arlington for a Halloween pizza party play date with some of my friends from mosque.

On Sunday, we had brunch with our parents (thanks to my parents for paying:) which was so much fun. The kiddo got to have a hot dog, but then, instead of eating a lot of his fries, decided he would prefer to devour Mommy’s side salad. I definitely can’t complain about that! In the afternoon, we went to a local farmers market with my cousins and their daughter. The place has huge hay stacks, ginormous slides and a bouncy house;) and is FREE. We had been going to Cox farms in the past but it is so crowded and so expensive that it really hasn’t been worth it. We discovered the farmers market place last year, when we were searching for our pumpkin – we had gone to Cox but the kiddo had a seizure and we left in a helicopter, so clearly, we were pumpkin-less! This year, we took the kiddos on a couple train rides at the farmers market,  let them play to their hearts content on bales of hay and slides, watch goats and pigs, and play in a teepee while we enjoyed hot apple cider, popcorn and caramel apples for a grand total of about $15 per family! We headed back to our place to continue the fun and ordered pizzas for dinner (around $30 including tip), and now have a ton of leftovers for the week (like basically two medium pizzas left over!). The kids had a blast and we had fun catching up with my cousins. I cannot wait until school is over and we can start having more weekends like this one on a regular basis:)

As it is nearing the end of the month, I did some projections and we are on track to have a spectacular month! We do have some overages expected – I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and getting my haircut on Wednesday (it has been six months!), but we also had some unexpected savings from overpaying for daycare one month and from friends paying us back for tickets we purchased back in May. I won’t be counting my chickens just yet, but I’m optimistic that the month-end report is going to be a good one! Look for a new post on Thursday with the final numbers:)


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  1. It sounds like you had a great family fun this weekend.

    • We did! It was much needed and it was so great to pack all that in for relatively little money, even when we caved to convenience instead of our planned dinner on Sunday:)

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