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November Summary

December 5, 2013

I can’t believe I only wrote 2 blog posts in November! You’ll have to forgive my neglect of this blog until the new year though. I’m heading into full on finals season for the next two weeks, followed by full on holiday season:) I promise I’ll be much better in the new year when school is fully behind me! Even with all the craziness this month, we still managed to do pretty well! Check out our financial summary for November:



As you can see, we ended up saving about $225 more than we projected, and we also brought in about $75 more than we projected giving us a total surplus of $621 this month!

What went well: We came in way under budget for groceries which was super exciting. We also didn’t really spend anything in our travel budget. It shows some spend but about $130 of that are reimburseable expenses that we’ll get paid for in December. We did blow way over our budget for Misc, but that was expected as around $225 of that was for our attic and home insulation improvement project. We’ve already noticed a considerable improvement in the temperature levels throughout the house! We also went a bit over the budget for the kiddo but there were a lot of sales and the kid needed some clothes. His winter pjs were way to short and he needed some sweaters and dress clothes. We also found out two days before we left for Thanksgiving that there was supposed to be 8-10 inches of snow in PA where the hubby’s parents live, so we bought the kiddo some snow boots and snow mittens. Plus we got a couple shirts to wrap up for Christmas based on our “we’re going to Disneyworld” theme!

November Debt Repayment Summary

November Debt Repayment Summary

Our big big announcement for November was that we paid of the Accord!!! I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see that loan gone forever. It was so incredibly liberating and exciting to see this debt knocked out and to see it knocked out 1-2 months earlier than I had baselined it! We also paid almost $200 more than the minimum for Hubby’s Student Loans – very exciting indeed. Even though we had a $621 surplus, we only allocated $321 for debt repayment. The rest we squirreled away for the crazy number of expenses we expect to incur in December.  All in all, it was a very successful month in terms of debt repayment and it has been really rewarding to see our hard work paying off!

December Projections

December is a difficult month for most people – there are holiday parties, gift exchanges, and new year’s eve! For us,  December also means a much needed and planned vacation to Orlando to spend time with my family and to celebrate my graduation from Georgetown! We have already paid for our hotels,flights, and breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. We still have to pay for our rental car (reserved) as well as our tickets to Disney and SeaWorld, and any other attractions we go to. We also will have food/eating out expenses and other miscellaneous things that are sure to come up! In addition, there’s Christmas! With my family, we are not exchanging gifts at all, and giving ourselves the gift of time and a stress free vacation together. My brother’s bday on the 27th, so he’ll still get a gift!  Hubby and I are also not exchanging gifts, and planning on enjoying a night out in Orlando together instead. We are getting a couple small things for the kiddo to open, but nothing crazy – he has so much stuff already that there is no need to add to his collection. With my hubby’s family, we set a $50 limit per person so we are planning on spending $150 there. For our friends, I always bake a ton of cookies and send them, so we’re looking at about $30 in postage there for those that live far away – everyone else will get their’s delivered in person:)  December also means our quarterly HOA and water bills will be due so that will be another $380. However, we did plan for this and the $300 we saved in November, plus the $650 we saved in October will help cover some of these additional expenses. We will also get our FSA reimbursement for daycare at the end of the month that we allocated entirely to the Orlando trip so I think we’ll still start the New Year in the black, which will be super exciting! Stay tuned to see how we do!


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