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December Summary

January 28, 2014

It’s long overdue, but I did want to post a quick summary of our spending in December. As you’ll see we went waaay over budget, but it was planned for and we had been stashing funds away to prepare for it. Since it is so close to the end of January, it seems pretty pointless to post a projection for that. However, stay tuned for a January Summary this weekend. And with that, here is how we did in December:



As you can see we went waaaay over and it really came from our travel/savings line item as well as our miscellaneous line item. About half of the misc. overage came from paying the annual association fee for our community and purchasing our pool passes for the summer. The other half came from home furnishings purchases (finally bought the extra curtain panel we needed for the sliding doors in the basement, and the two stools we wanted to get for the island in the kitchen), and happy-graduation-to-me purchases/vacation prep purchases. 

In the travel/savings category, the overages came from our vacation expenses for the most part. This included everything including rental car (which actually came through in January). The normal $300 allocation went to holiday expenses (tree, gifts, and other holiday expenses).

Even though we went waay over, we totally planned for it and had been saving on the side to cover the additional expenses. As such, we didn’t even have to dip into our savings to cover the difference!

 December Debt Repayment Summary




Even though we spent a ton on extras this month, we didn’t let it get in the way of our debt repayment. We took the money we had been putting towards the Honda and have rolled it over towards hubby’s student loans. We continued to pay the interest on my student loans and, of course, the Highlander. 

January Projections

Since January is basically over, it seems a little silly to project our spend this month. I will say that January is not going to be a good month, mostly due to incurring the majority of the costs of our bathroom renovation. February will also be a little tight but we are hoping to be back on track by March!


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  1. Thank you for sharing, it’s always interesting to see how people track their spending. Is this a spreadsheet you created or a program?

    • Thanks! It’s a spreadsheet that I created. I actually have two – one where I track all of our expenses by category, and the one I post which is the total spend by category.

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