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January Summary

January 31, 2014

It feels like I just posted our December Summary (mostly because I did!), but it is already time for our January Summary! As you may know, it has been a crazy month spending-wise with our impromptu bathroom renovation, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with the results. So, without further ado, here they are:



Overall, I would say it was an awesome month! Yes – I do see that crazy red bar saying we overspent the Misc. fund by $2500. However, more than $2000 of that was for our bathroom reno. The other 500 we overspent came from a combination of things: (1) bday present for the hubby (for the bigh 3-0!), prepaying for a hotel for Valentine’s Day (awesome deal), and buying photobooks that we made online from the kiddo’s 1 year and 2 year photo sessions, as well as ones we made for our recent trip to Sea World/Disney World. We also got books of these for my parents and the hubby’s parents as gifts. It was an amazing sale where the books were well over half off and the quality is unbeatable. We had been waiting for a year ofr this sale, and I’m glad we took advantage of it.

Aside from the Misc. fund, we stayed mostly within or below our target budget for all the other line items (with a few exceptions). That bodes really well for our efforts post-bathroom reno!

January Debt Repayment Summary


As you can see – we stayed pretty clse to on track with our debt repayment plans – we continued to roll over our old Honda paymnet to the hubby’s SL. However, we didn’t have the surplus that we expected so we paid about $116 less than projected. Other than that, not too exciting of a month for debt repayment.

February Projections


Exciting news for February is that my salary increase from my promotion goes into effect! That means a little bit more money coming in each month which is always a good thing. I think that we should be able to stay within our overall budget (or close to it), given that we only have about $600 in reno expenses projected for the remainder of the project. Our goal is to have the reno done by the end of the month/beginning of March so hopefully we are on our way to getting back on track!

In terms of other expenses, I’m pretty sure we’ll use up all of our Eating Out budget for our Valentine’s Day date. I planned this year and booked a hotel in the city as well as dinner at this restaurant we have been trying to go to for the past 3 years (something has always come up that made us have to cancel at the last minute)! I am really looking forward to having some alone time with the hubby and to getting out of the house – it just feels special when you are somewhere different!  

On a positive note, since the kiddo has been potty trained since December we no longer have to buy diapers! This means that our kiddo expenes are much more likely to stay within budget moving forward. We do need to get spring/summer clothes soon but I’ll probably wait until the beginning of March, when the full line of stuff is available, before buying too much for the little guy.

I’m also hoping that we’ll be able to file our taxes in February and get our refund. We should be getting a sizeable amount  which we are planning to use to pay off the remainder of hubby’s student loan! The whole filing/refund part is totally dependent upon my dad though – he’s a CPA and my go-to tax guy. For those of you that aren’t the children/spouses/parents/friends of CPAs, December – April 15 is a pretty busy season, so we’ll get our taxes filed whenever my dad finds the time to do them (and he actually has a pretty fast turnaround time for us typiclally).

In summary, lots of things to look forward to in February, and maybe even a glimmer of hope of getting back on track with the spending! Here’s to a new month!


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  1. Hey, crazy question – but do you use MyPublisher for your photobooks? They were having great deals, but then I couldn’t get my act together in time to act on any of the recent deals. The one I really wanted was the free pages deal, but I missed that. Anyway, sounds like your overspending was well-spent. 🙂

    • Hey! I actually used for ours! If you bought two or more books, each book was $11.95 (normally each book is $27.95 for a 14 page spread).

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