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Yay – Bills!

February 12, 2014

Is it me, or does anyone else get really excited when it’s time to pay monthly bills? I know, I know – it’s totally weird but ever since we started down the road to being debt-free, I get really excited to pay our bills. And actually, I get really annoyed when I can’t pay them all at once at the beginning of the month. Can anyone relate?

I get paid once a month and I love just getting everything paid right then and there. The way we have it set up, the mortgage payment, my student loan interest payment, and our Highlander payment all come out of the account by the 5th of the month. After that, I start getting antsy. I start compulsively checking our electric and gas accounts waiting for the bill to show up. Then, I drum my fingers in anticipation, waiting for the 15th, 22nd and 24th of the month when the hubby’s student loan payment and our internet/cable and cell phone bills are automatically withdrawn or charged to the credit card. Then I wait some more for the 25th of the month when the kiddo’s daycare tuition is automatically withdrawn. Then, FINALLY, I get super excited to do finally tallies and reconciliations to see how much we actually managed to save that month, and how much of that we can throw towards our debt repayments. I just wish I could get all the expected payments out of the way in the beginning of the month.

This may sound a bit sad or obsessive, but I can’t tell you how excited it makes me to not have to worry about the timing of our bill payments. We were never behind on payments or late, but it was always a matter of timing payments. The first of the month, I would pay off the credit card from the previous month, then wait for hubby’s check to deposit and watch the account balance dwindle to three digits after the mortgage, student loan and car payments were all withdrawn. All of our day to day expenses went on the credit card, and the gas, electric and daycare tuition would get paid after hubby’s 2nd check of the month came in. Again, the account would dwindle to three digits and we’d wait for the first of the month to pay off our credit card and start the cycle again.

Now, instead of using this month’s salary to pay off last month’s expenses, we are using last month’s salary to pay off this month’s expenses! Exciting, right? That might be why I get such a high from paying off everything at the beginning of the month – because after everything is paid, we still have a four digit bank balance (and still would even after paying off all the expenses that come out later in the month). That feels awesome! And, what’s super exciting is that it has only been 5 months that we’ve been focusing on paying down our debt,. During this time we also took a couple trips and have been remodeling a bathroom during this period, which hasn’t been super cheap. 

While it may not seem like a big deal, this small change has made a huge difference. It feels like we are finally ahead of the debt and our spending and it is incredibly motivating, so I thought I’d share:) What has been a pleasant side-effect from your financial journey?


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  1. I totally agree! It’s so cool to read this, because I feel the same way. We pay a bunch of our bills upfront, but there are those bills that come out later in the month. When all the bills clear, it’s really awesome to see how much is left …. or it’s not so awesome. 😉

    Our goal is to get where you are – paying this month’s bills with last month’s paycheck! It’s great to imagine a time when our bank account will look as awesome as yours after bill-paying… now we’re excited to have more than $100 to snowflake as additional payments towards debt.

    It sounds like you guys are really on track – congratulations!

  2. Great job! I love paying bills. Personally I could never just leave a bill until the due date to pay it. I feel much more satisfied paying it as soon as it arrives, it’s like banishing the bill and making a statement ‘You will not give me any angst!’

    • Thanks! I agree – I feel like I’m stalking websites just waiting for the bill to show up (like this week when I seriously checked my electric company’s website everyday waiting for the amount due to pop up). It’s great to know I’m not the only one that gets such satisfaction out of this:)

  3. Maybe you could ask your children’s daycare to change the day that they bill you. Also, you can pay things like the electric before your bill – or at least you can give them an amount that you think is your average expenditure. Then you can check to see if you have a credit or owe them at the end of the month.

    I get super anxious about paying bills, so after the first paycheck of the month I pay my car loan, and phone. My second paycheck is for housing, and I pay my credit card off weekly. I signed up for paying my car insurance monthly, but pay them the full six months up front.

    It’s definitely a great feeling when you have more in your account left over after the month is through than you thought you would have.

    • Thanks for the comment! Daycare will only do the payment on the 25th – I already asked, but great suggestion! Sounds like you are on a great path!

  4. you can really kick that in gear as far as debt reduction by eliminating some wants such as cable, eating out, and the credit card spending. depending on your debt amount i would scale back these items at least temporarily til debt is knocked out.

  5. Isn’t it funny how excited you get about paying bills as soon as you changed your mindset to becoming debt free. This excitement still catches me off guard. I paid off a credit card recently and I was elated. It was like I had just won the lottery. It’s just one step closer to freedom. Good luck.

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