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I just saved 30% on my cell phone plan!

April 2, 2014

This morning, I opened up my email and saw the monthly notification from AT&T that our wireless bill was ready to view. Our bill is pretty stable, but I still log in every month just to make sure nothing changed and we aren’t getting phantom charges out of the blue. When I logged in today, I got a very pleasant surprise!

As I was clicking through the bill, a pop-up displayed saying that we could save money by switching to one of the new mobile share plans the just came out. This peaked my interest and upon analyzing our monthly data usage, the best plan was to share 2 GB of data. I was grandfathered into an unlimited data plan for my iPhone, but looking at the numbers, I really don’t take advantage of it. I’ve been hesitant to let it go, but  we will be saving about $40 per month with our new plan.

The new mobile share plan we have consists of unlimited texting and unlimited minutes with 2 GB of data for us to share. The cost of our old plan with my corporate discount, and including taxes was about $133/month. The cost of our new plan with my corporate discount and taxes will be about $92/month. That’s $41 per month of savings (about a 32% reduction from our current rate) which is nearly $500 per year! Neither hubby nor I do a lot of streaming on our phones, and we mostly use wifi so this seems to work well for us. We also don’t have iPads or tablets or a smart tv and the kiddo is still at least 10 years away from getting his first phone.  On average, we are using about 1.1 GBs of data per month, so the 2 GB plan still provides a good amount of buffer for us in the event that we have a particularly data heavy month.

We had been considering carriers when our contracts were up to Metro PCS or one of the other discount carriers, but since their networks are based on T-Mobile, the coverage can be a bit spotty in the ‘burbs (we checked their coverage map to make sure).  For about the same price, the discount carriers offer unlimited data, so we would be missing out on that. But, since we’ll maintain our coverage area by sticking with AT&T and we don’t really use enough internet for unlimited data to be worth it, I’m OK with the trade off.

Sooo, if you have AT&T and aren’t in a position to switch carriers, check out their mobile share plans! You might be surprised by how little data you are actually using and one of their plans might save you a ton of money. Also be sure to check out if you qualify for a corporate discount. Given the crazy spending we have projected for the next couple months, I’m excited about getting to reduce the costs in at least one budget line item. Combined with the savings we’ll see when the kiddo’s daycare goes down next month, we’re looking at a $350/month reduction in spending from just two small changes!  That should definitely help us break even and build up our savings fund over the next few months.

What ways have you found to cut down on some of your descrentionary costs without sacrificing comfort/convenience?


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